Clementine Lo fx artist - lead


I am currently the FX Lead at Animal Logic Vancouver on the feature animation "Super Pets". I have been working in the film industry for almost 10 years and also have 5+ years prior experience in other industries: commercials, video games, software, R&D, education.

I am French but was born in Geneva, Switzerland and have lived in various cities around the world. I am bilingual (French and English) and also studied German, Spanish and a bit of Chinese (Mandarin).

I first discovered computer graphics in 2002 at New York University where I attained a certificate in Animation and Visual Effects. I then continued my studies at the University of Geneva and the EPFL, graduating in 2007 with a Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in computer graphics. Meanwhile, I also worked at MIRALab, a research laboratory, where my main task was to manage the recording and post-processing of all motion capture data.

In 2008, I joined Pixelux Entertainment, a Geneva based start-up who developed DMM (Digital Molecular Matter), a material physics simulation technology. As the main 3D artist, I created various promotional films and real-time demos and contributed to the development of the toolset.

Just before moving to London in 2011, I co-founded artAnim, a non-profit foundation dedicated to the development and promotion of motion capture through a wide range of activities: medical research, virtual reality, theatrical performances, educational programs, audiovisual projects, etc. For more information please visit our website:

Since then, I have been working as an FX TD in various companies: MPC, Double Negative, Image Engine, Digital Domain and most recently Animal Logic. My speciality is destruction (FEM and rigid bodies) but I have also created smoke, dust, sand, fire, water and other effects using both Maya and Houdini.

I also have teaching experience: I was an assistant at the Geneva University and a lecturer at the Gamagora school in Lyon and the SAE Institute in Geneva.